The Benefits of Walking

By | February 10, 2018

Some of you maybe think that walking is wasting your energy or it wasting your time. Some of
you are trying to think instantly that by using a car or motorcycle everything has in your hand.
Nevertheless, have you ever thought that walking is directly burning your calories? You can
instantly support your diet habit by walking. Then, for the sake of fighting for global warming
ever since carbon monoxide of cars or motorcycle machine contaminates the air, walking is one
of the simple way to reduce air pollution. See, walking is fun, right. You are not only can make
benefits of walking for yourself but also for your environment. These are other benefits you
can get from walking:

The first benefits of walking; Make friends by walking

Are your house/dormitory near your school/office? If yes, why don’t you try to reach those
places by walking? You can invite your pals or your office mates near you. During walking you
can start conversation with them and talk anything that you want to. Who knows that during
your chit chat your friends tell you that the boy next door has crush on you!

The second benefits of walking; Save the earth

As written before, cars and motorcycle produce the carbon monoxide about 59, 2 % to the air.
So, if you familiarize yourself with walking, we can help to save 59, 2 % of air from carbon
monoxide contamination.

The third benefits of walking; Keep your immune and health

Walking is one of the exercises that can move all parts of your body. By walking, you can
strengthen your foot and your breathing system. Walking can also help us to prevent heart
attack risk. The recent study of Duke University of Medical Center found that 30 minutes of
walking in a day can reduce the metabolic syndrome, a syndrome because the high heart attack
risk, diabetes and stroke.

Besides, walking can reduce our depression and stress feeling and
prevent the spongy bone. In addition, a study of Temple University shows that 90 minutes of
walking five times a week can make us happier than before. It is because our body produces an
endorphin, a hormone that manages human happiness feeling.

The last benefits of walking; Helping your body shape program

No matter how fast you are or how thin you are. Are you in loss weight program or gain weight
program, walking is the best way to support all those body shape programs. For you in a loss
weight program, walking can burn your calories about 400 calories. Then, for you in a gain
weight program, walking can help you to strengthen your body shape and fasten your body
shape program.

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