Fitness training guide; What is your Goal in Fitness Training?

By | February 15, 2018

In this mobilized period, people are so busy and have a little time to maintain their healthy and
also keep their body in shape. One of fitness training guide ways to solve these problems is by
joining the fitness clubs. When you are joining fitness clubs, there will be several exercises, and
before you started using the equipment, it’s better for you to know your motivation in joining
the fitness club, the personal trainer will ask what your expectation in doing fitness is.

Answers will be varied, is it you want to be healthier, is it you want to loss gain, is it you want to
shape your body, shape your muscle, or even have a great and sick pack body. Fitness training
guide is for you to choose. But this will not be an easy way, you have to be determined,
persistent, and willing to do the hard training, especially if you want to get the maximum result.

If you want to loss gain, maintain your health, avoid your body from many diseases, this mostly
for women, you can consider fitness training guide that focusing more on cardiovascular
exercises, like treadmill and cardio bike. The cardiovascular exercises also help avoid heart
disease, control your diabetic, and lessen your stress. To get optimum result, regularly do the
exercise at least twenty minutes three times a week.

If you want to build your muscle and shape your body, this mostly for men, then the right exercise is exercise to strengthen your
muscle, focusing on the chest, stomach, back, shoulder, leg, arms, and muscle. This exercise will
gain your body mass and weight. You also have to do the cardiovascular exercise after
strengthen your muscle, to help you stay fit and stabilized your fat. For the type of training, you
can consult your personal trainer at your fitness club.

But both fitness training guide and steps will be good for your health. I will give some guide
when you are doing fitness training, when you are doing fitness training, don’t forget the
following guide: first, you must discipline your eat habit, don’t eat too much but also don’t diet
too much, you must eat healthy food properly, second, you must regularly do the fitness
training, maintain the training by doing it every week and avoid being absence. And last but not
least, you must have enough sleep, when you are having enough sleep, your body will be fit and
you will be able to do the training without being over exhausted.


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